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Coaching for Leaders, Teams, and Individuals

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

— John Quincy Adams

IdeaTribe offers three disciplines of coaching for you and your organization to choose from:

Leadership Coaching
IdeaTribe believes that powerful leadership requires three key components: inspiring others, skillful communication, and effective action. Developing these three competencies is what our leadership coaching is about. It is designed with one purpose in mind: to bring out your natural leadership. In partnership with your coach you will discover what comes naturally to you, what has meaning for you and how you can lead from your core strengths and values.

You will look beyond your everyday tasks to define a bigger purpose; a platform that is big enough to hold both the bottom line and your authentic leadership style. In the process you will be re-energized to step fully into your leadership. Leaders who use IdeaTribe coaches report greater ease in their decision-making, improved communication skills, expanded capacity for dealing with conflict, and the ability to create work environments that foster trust and respect.

Team & Organization Coaching
Our years of experience working with organizations have taught us that the ability to work with a team as a system is the most powerful route to a healthy and sustainable bottom line. This revolutionary systems approach is drawn from the best of coaching, psychology, organizational development, mediation, quantum physics, process work and general systems theory. Coaching often begins with the designing of a Team Agreement that facilitates the clear expression of roles, goals and team behaviors. It can take the form of on-going presence at team meetings, to monitor and coach communication and the teams awareness of their own process and functioning. It can also involve custom designed exercises and content to build team communication skills, improve conflict resolution and generate creativity.

The teams we work with experience sustained breakthroughs in their team relationships and achievement of their shared goals. They also improve their ability to manage up, and down, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the entire organization. Camaraderie is noticeably strengthened and often causes other teams in the organization to 'want what they're having'!

Individual Coaching
Individual coaching is an interactive process that helps you create greater fulfillment in all areas of your life including career, finances, health and relationship. It is a collaborative process between you and your IdeaTribe coach that works to create the outcome you want. As a result, you will set clearer goals, identify barriers that get in your way, take more action and make better decisions. This process is designed to identify your natural strengths and to use them in all areas of your life. The result is a more fulfilling life on every level.

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