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Creativity in Business

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

— Albert Einstein


The Creativity in Business program is a proven, state-of the-art methodology that was created by Dr. Michael Ray at Stanford University. This program provides businesses with a competitive edge by helping to foster and develop the powerful creative potential within individuals and teams leading to greater innovation.

The Creativity in Business process is especially relevant in today's world because it builds sustainable individual effectiveness and leadership in environments of ambiguity and change. When done with teams and departments inside companies, the process also brings about high levels of team effectiveness, collaboration, and positive shifts in organizational culture.

Custom Designed Program

We custom design a Creativity in Business program to meet the specific needs and goals of each team we work with. At the center of the program is a focus on a specific objective where the team wants to have a breakthrough in their effectiveness. This objective will be one that the team is responsible for delivering in their regular work for the company, so they will be applying their new skills and tools to a practical work challenge. This approach enables the individual team members to apply their new skills immediately to a real team objective.

Benefits and Outcomes

The Creativity in Business program moves individuals and teams toward higher performance, community, collaboration, and co-creativity. Specific benefits and outcomes often include the following:

  • Fosters a major breakthrough in a current pressing challenge or opportunity;
  • Generates new product ideas, development processes and business strategies;
  • Inspires innovative problem-solving and consistent breakthrough thinking to find innovative solutions to complex problems;
  • Builds trust and community within the team;
  • Improves communication that leads to greater collaboration, more precise execution, and ultimately superior collective performance.

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