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What Clients Say

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

— Goethe

“I am so glad we did Creativity in Business. It went a long way with the marketing team that the company made this investment even in the midst of the downturn. The investment really paid off with the team generating amazing ways to deal with it! I am so impressed with how the team responded to the class across the board. The final action steps we decided upon have become a rallying point for our movement through 2009 and the challenges ahead. This class is one of those things you just kind of sit back and reflect upon with a speechless WOW. I want the whole company to do this class. The creativity that was surfaced in all of our team members confirmed my conviction that they had it in them, but the level of work and innovation that has resulted has blown me away.”

M. Blackwell
VP Marketing,
Picture People

Step away from the Power-Point, really hit the mark. It gave the participants new skills and more confidence to lead the room from a place of personal strength, regardless of experience level. The workshop was also a great team-building experience: the group had fun, learned what colleagues saw as powerful within them, as well as how to support and rely upon each other when co-presenting. A week later, they had the opportunity to successfully apply these lessons at our national conference of more than 2000 attendees. You would have been proud!”

Cynthia Round
Executive Vice President
Brand Strategy and Marketing
United Way of America

“This workshop was awesome!!! There were so many interesting, helpful and down-to-earth techniques, and they were really practical and made sense. The presentation was so energizing and interactive that you could feel the motivation in the group of participants. Doing meaningful work is especially important to me, and this workshop validated that the work I am doing 'does' make a difference in the lives of people.”

Catherine Epp
Merrill-Lynch Client

“It was definitely beyond my expectations, a business workshop that was truly transformational.”

Esalen workshop participant

“Truely good leaders are difficult to come by, but so many of us have that potential. Training like this helps us to get there.”

Randa Munayyer

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