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Programs for September 11 Families

“The class helped me know where I want to go next. It reminded me that anything is possible in life.”

— Art of Living Participant

In February 2003 Athena Katsaros and Julia Romaine launched Creative Insight: Taking the Next Step, a program for individuals who lost family members on September 11, 2001.

For over 200 survivors of September 11 discovering their creativity has been a path to getting past sorrow, darkness, and the profound loss they felt after losing a loved one four years ago.

Creative Insight:

  • Offers tools for tapping into each participant’s full creative potential to live a more fulfilling life.
  • Is based on the acclaimed Stanford Graduate School of Business program, Personal Creativity in Business, developed by Professor Michael Ray and his colleagues and taught there for over 20 years
  • Is taught by a team of leaders in several locations on the East Coast.


The Art of Living: Creating a Joyful Life
After two years of breakthroughs for the participants in Creative Insight, Athena and Julia developed a second class for graduates of this program: TheArt of Living: Creating a Joyful Life.This advanced course:

  • Invites participants to identify a life dream
  • Shows how to take steps to realize that dream.
  • Explores what brings joy and meaning to their lives
  • Helps them identify and work with their allies in realizing their dreams

These two innovative programs are sponsored by Tuesday’s Children, a non-profit dedicated to bringing joy back into the lives of people who lost family members on September 11.

To learn more about Tuesday’s Children, visit their website: www.tuesdayschildren.org.

To learn more about Michael Ray and his work, visit www.michael-ray.com

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